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121 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

[email protected]

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Investment Criteria

We ambition to develop our portfolio in a forward-looking manner. We offer our shareholders a managed portfolio of attractive medium-sized companies. We therefore have our eyes set on the following industries of the future, in order to continue to have a long-term sustainable portfolio:

Industrial (old economy)
Medical engineering
Financial Services
Energy and environmental engineering
Food & Beverages, Wellness


  • As sole investor or together with co-investors – as long as we share the same goals

Management Participation

We are generally open to management participation or vendor loans

Partnership Management

Cooperation with the existing operative management is preferred
Operative issues are generally within the responsibility of the operative management
CMG Capital supports the operative management in economic and strategic questions

No Committees

Fast decision about whether to proceed with the project
No unnecessary bureaucracy
Demand for documentation is oriented towards operative decision-making

Indicative offer

Comes quickly after decision to invest has been reached
Contains details about the purchase price and continuation concept

Due diligence / Purchase agreement

After an agreement has been reached the due diligence process begins
Binding purchase agreement


The managing partner of CMG is actively involved in all steps of the acquisition process
External consultants are generally not used along the acquisition process